Transforming your home from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY…

without buying anything new!

A Fresh New Look…
In only One Day using your existing furnishings

Services Include:

  • Interior RE-design
  • Stage to Sell
  • Move-In Services

Interior Makeovers by Terri - Interior Redesign Industry Specialists

Serving the entire San Diego County
*Certified Interior Staging Specialist

Terri Wise - Interior Makeovers by Terri

Terri Wise

Interior Makeovers by Terri

“A house that does not have one worn, comfy chair in it is soulless”
Mary Sarton

INTERIOR MAKEOVERS is an affordable way to revitalize your home or office using your existing furnishings and accessories, usually in just one day! The key to great interior design is not what you have, but how and where it is placed in the room.

Initially, we start with a consultation, usually taking 1-2 hours. We talk about the space and how your needs and preferences are not being met now. Your furnishings may be exchanged from other rooms in a fresh new way, complimenting architectural features, art and existing accessories.

Interior re-design signifies a harmony between architectural features of a room and your existing furnishings. Let INTERIOR MAKEOVERS provide direction, insight and most important function and livability. . . creating a room that reflects your personal style at its best with no costly mistakes!

Lighting Options for Ceilings

FLUSH  MOUNT:   These fixtures hug the ceiling.  In a bathroom or a kitchen, their bright, whole-room illumination is useful; elsewhere they can be harsh.  Calm one down by swapping in low-wattage bulbs, aiming for a […]

Clean Green

It’s easy to make your own greener, cheaper cleaners with ingredients already in your pantry.

FOR COUNTERTOPS AND WINDOWS: Combine a tablespoon of white vinegar and a quart of water in a spray bottle, squirt, and […]

Paint Finish

FLAT FINISH: Provides a velvet smooth, non-reflective coating; hides wall defects. Authentic finish for vintage colonial style rooms; good background for art. difficult to clean; sponge marks and fingerprints may show; use in low-traffic areas. […]

Paint Type

LATEX: Spreads easily; cleans up with soap and water. All interior applications may be diluted with water for broken color effects. Inexpensive brands may lack durability. Fine arts paints, water-based; intensely pigmented. Good for broken […]


CREATE YOUR OWN STENCILS WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Photocopier Scotch Tape Stencil paper Fine-tip permanent marker X-Acto knife Unused cutting board or craft mat Repositionable spray-on adhesive Drop cloth Acrylic paint or paint specific to […]

Paint Hue Coverage

We know that paint quality has a big impact on coverage, but what role does paint color play? All colors have different degrees of opacity or transparency, which determine the way they reflect light. Opaque […]